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Anonymous said: The "I was jealous over some cardboard boxes" one is from a series called "Katekyo" and I JUST got there and I'm really excited because I recognized the quote from this site, it's only a little less weird with context, he sees bruises on his boyfriend's arm and thinks... I don't know? that he was having kinky sex with someone? but it was just a box?? I don't know

Right, I was reading that.
The boy was working part time carrying cardboard boxes around and got bruised.
His lover found out and said that.

It’s true that with context it’s less funny.
Actually majority of the caps on here with context isn’t as funny.
Thank you for reminding me about the series name and isn’t it just the best when you look at one of the caps and go “OH I KNOW THAT, I READ/WATCHED THAT PART!”

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There we go, thanks.

tartartooththeclown said: What is that manga with the turtle living in that girls ass?

No idea, the person who submitted didn’t source it.

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